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New Book 

 Loomis Doctor and his fight against TB

  John Conway has written a book on Dr. Alfred Lebbeus Loomis, Grandfather of Alfred Lee Loomis (Tuxedo Park) and his great work in helping save countless lives in the late 1800's from Tuberculosis . 

The book tells his life story and his founding of the Loomis Sanitarium in Liberty, New York. Mention you read about the book at the Loomis Families of America Website and receive a discount when you order this book. 

Lance D. Loomis

  The Man, The Sanitarium, and The Search for the Cure  


Book Review

Unknown Loomis Hero of WWII

I have just finished reading a great book about Alfred Lee Loomis and would recommend it to anyone interested in a family member who was behind a lot of scientific research and development that helped win the war. Very much the unsung hero. Here is a link to a review of the book. Let us know here at Loomis Families of America what you think of the book. 

Lance D. Loomis

Tuxedo Park  




Jennifer Loomis 


 Jennifer Loomis is an award-winning and internationally recognized photojournalist and fine -art photographer known for her groundbreaking work with the pregnant nude. Jennifer got her start photographing pregnant women after a referral from Annie Liebovitz's studio, where Demi Moore was photographed pregnant for Vanity Fair. Since she began working 15 years ago, Jennifer has photographed more than 1000 mothers, including the wife of pro-golfer Rich Beem among other celebrities.

Jennifer Loomis


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John Loomis

Revolution of Forms




Just listened to a great interview on our local NPR station with John Loomis as guest. He talked about his 1999 book, Revolution in Forms and the recent release of a film based on the history presented in this book. This history is the Castro Revolution and the effects it had on art/architecture in Cuba. Please follow the link above for a fascinating description of this book.













Memorial Page


Memorials to members of our family


Loomis Families of America



Over the years the work involved with collecting family information and helping those who are seeking information about their family heritage has made it difficult or impossible to put together a regular newsletter. So a lot of information about what goes on within this family association goes unnoticed. I am happy to announce our new Loomis Families of America Forum page. Please visit this page for current updates and comments, and please feel free to respond with your comments and thoughts.

Due to a recent rise in the number of spam coming into our email inbox, we request that you be very specific in the Subject line of your emails to us. An example would be: " "Seeking info on Herbert Loomis". If you leave this line blank or use short/generic words like "Hi", your email will most likely be deleted or blocked by the spam filtering. Also, please check that the email address you are using to contact us is


Loomis Families of America is now sponsoring a surname DNA project through Family Tree DNA. Please follow the link below to the Family Tree DNA website for general DNA questions.


 For information on the Loomis DNA Project, please click on the link below to go our web page which explains what we hope to accomplish and what is involved with the testing and group pricing.


  Loomis DNA Project  

The DNA Project needs your help, as you can see from the chart below, we only have a few Loomis descendants who have volunteered to participate. Please consider joining us in this worthwhile endeavor.  

Current DNA Tests Completed

By Lineage of Joseph's Sons

The test participants are listed by lineage through the sons of Joseph Loomis. In the unknown category,  the test has proven they are descended from Joseph Loomis but their lineage has not been found. New surname groups will be posted as they become participants in the Loomis DNA Project.































The Loomis Family in America 1908, is freely available online at Google Books.

Lance D. Loomis, Director, Loomis Families of America


Loomis Family In America

Family Reunions

NOTICE: If you are involved in or aware of Loomis family reunions, we here at the Loomis Family Association would appreciate receiving details about the event and would like to participate, please e-mail or mail the event particulars and a contact person, thank you! Contact information is below.

The Loomis Families of America 

Dedicated to Preserving the Family Heritage

This web site is dedicated to all the descendants of Joseph Loomis who, with his family emigrated from England in 1638 and established his homestead in Windsor, Connecticut.

The Loomis family has been a part of the fabric of American History from this country’s very beginnings. Coming to the shores of the New World landing at Boston Harbor in 1638, just eight years after the founding of Boston, Joseph Loomis brought his family seeking a new life and hoped for prosperity.

From here the family wintered in Dorchester, Massachusetts and in 1639 traveled overland to the Connecticut Valley, where Joseph established his Homestead at Windsor, overlooking the great Connecticut River near the mouth of the Farmington River.

Today, the original Joseph Loomis homestead still stands and is part of the Loomis family heritage carried on by The Loomis Chaffee School for boys and girls.

From here, the family continued to be pioneer’s in America’s history, Inventors, Entrepreneurs, mathematics, philosophy, art, science, business, politics, there is hardly a profession that a Loomis descendant has not put a stamp on.

And the land, forging the Oregon Trail, mining the gold fields of the Yukon, where there are new opportunities, a Loomis is sure to go!

In the pages of this website will be published the many exploits of this family, both the good and not so good, (yes there are a few black sheep as well, click on   The Loomis Gang  ) and links will be added to web sites that offer Loomis family information.

Please explore the family by clicking on the links below and if you know of sites or information regarding the Loomis family, or would like to become involved in The Loomis Families of America organization, please drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you!

The Loomis Families of America is an organization dedicated to the recording of the Loomis family history and provides help to those who are seeking their Loomis ancestry. We have provided several avenues for enquiries. You may contact us directly at the address listed below, or you may post your enquiries at the Loomis Genforum.


Due to a recent rise in the number of spam coming into our email inbox, we request that you be very specific in the Subject line of your emails to us. An example would be: "" or "Seeking info on Herbert Loomis". If you leave this line blank or use short/generic words like "Hi", your email will most likely be deleted or blocked by the spam filtering. We are sorry for this inconvience.

Email: Loomis.org@gmail.com


Loomis Biographies

Elias Loomis Educator  

Andrew Loomis Artist 

Mahlon Loomis Inventor 

Loomis Performer

Mary Texanna Loomis

  The Loomis Gang 

Rev. Elisha Loomis Missionary To Hawaii 

Elisha Scott Loomis 

     James Loomis     Oregon trail Pioneer

Charles F. Lummis Preservationist


Loomis Research Links

Loomis Genforum  

  Loomis Board Ancestry 

Loomis Chaffee

Loomis Business


  Lummis Website   

Lomas Website

 Loomis Homestead  

 Soundex Project


Loomis DNA Project




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