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DNA Update

April 27, 2007

I would like to provide an update on the Loomis Family DNA Project. We established the DNA Project two years ago with FamilyTreeDNA . A small number of Loomis descendants have participated, which is lower than we anticipated when we started.

Our goal was to obtain several tests from descendants of each of the sons of Joseph Loomis. This has yet to happen. The purpose of getting more tests from descendants of each son, is to provide a means of determining where to look for a particular link, i.e., we have a Loomis descendant but they have tried and fail to find their great great grandparent, so their genealogical search has met a dead end. They take the DNA test and we can confirm they are indeed descended from Joseph Loomis. So they continue in their researching, but they still don't know which of the many confirmed Loomis lines they might connect into. 

If we can obtain enough confirmed tests for each of the sons of Joseph Loomis, we may be able to narrow this search. If we can show the individual is not descended through Deacon John, we can reduce to almost half, the number of possibilities for the...

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Possible updated "Loomis Family in America" and privacy issues.

April 27, 2007

There is great concern among many family members about the loss of some privacy, regarding the information that is contained in a book of this nature. Believe it or not, in 1905, when the Loomis Family Association voted to update the 1888 edition of The Loomis family in America with a new revised edition, they discussed this same topic. This I found in some letters back and forth with Dr. Elisha Scott Loomis and one of the board members. The actual board meeting minutes are not, to my knowledge, in existence anymore, but it must have been discussed at length.  But, as we can see from the 1908 edition, they published the book with current information for the time.

So, what does that mean to a new edition? I think we have to be sensitive to many within the family and create or adopt a standard that is accepted elsewhere. And that standard will be the same as the Federal government. All personal data the government has on citizens is kept at the National Archives, the chief data being the U.S. Census records. The rule for release to the public for the Census and any other data is 70+ years,...

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